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You just built an impressive webpage using the Bootstrap CSS framework. Nice work!

Let’s take a moment to review the core concepts learned in this lesson:


Web Concepts

  • CSS Framework: Set of prewritten CSS rules designed to help you build webpages faster.

  • Bootstrap Grid: 12 equal-sized columns which can be utilized via Bootstrap classes to build responsive page layouts quickly and reliably.

Bootstrap classes

  • row: Arranges HTML elements in rows, and can be useful when building headers/navigation menus, main feature sections, supporting content sections and footers.

  • jumbotron: Used to create large showcase sections featuring important content.

  • col-sm-*: Used to span a specified number of columns on the Bootstrap grid. The “sm” is short for “small”, and maintains desired CSS layouts on small screens (tablet-sized).

  • text-right: Bootstrap class used to orient text to the right side of the webpage.

  • btn btn-primary: Bootstrap class used to style page elements as buttons.

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