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A Closer Look at CSS


Congratulations! You worked hard and made it to the end of a challenging lesson. There were a lot of new concepts, so let's take a moment to review what you've learned.


Web Concepts

  • CSS: Language used to style websites. Colors, fonts, and page layouts for a site are managed using CSS.

  • CSS Selectors: specifies exactly which HTML elements to style

    • class selectors: used to target classes of HTML elements

    • id selectors: used to style an HTML element which has an id attribute.

  • External Stylesheet: CSS file that styles an HTML file externally via the HTML link element.

CSS Properties

  • font-family: sets font for a CSS selector.
  • color: sets font color for the CSS selector.
  • font-size: sets font size for text.
  • background-image: sets a background image of your choosing for a given selector.
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