A Closer Look at CSS


The new font looks great! However, black is not your only option when it comes to font color.

In CSS, the color property sets the color of a CSS selector's font:

h1 {
  color: red;

CSS comes equipped with 140 named colors, such as red, used above. For many situations, these named colors will suffice. However, web developers who want to get even more exact with their color choices can use hexadecimal and RGB color values.

  1. Hexadecimal color (#RRGGBB): Hexadecimal values that represent mixtures of red, green and blue. For example, red can be expressed with the hexadecimal value of #FF0000: the value ff represents red, 00 represents green, and 00 represents blue.

  2. RGB (Red, Green, Blue) colors: Color created by three numbers representing red, green, and blue. When mixed together, the three values create a specific color. For example: purple can be represented as rgb(128,0,128).

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