You’ve created your own beautiful personal portfolio and now you want to share it with the world. But how do you do that?

Web Hosting

Once you create the files that make up your website, you need a web hosting server to store those files in a location that other people can access. Typically these servers are owned by web hosting companies, such as Namecheap . These companies will host your website and make it available to everyone on the internet for a monthly fee.

Domain Names

In addition to the web hosting server, you also need a domain name. A domain name is a human-friendly address that allows anyone to connect to your specific IP address, and thus, access your website. An IP address by itself is a series of numbers and decimals which can be hard to remember, especially given the number of websites an average person visits in a day! Codecademy’s own IP address is but since it owns the domain name codecademy.com, a user only needs to remember to type the domain into the browser to access the site.

These relationships between IP addresses and domain names are all stored on domain name servers, which translate what you type into your browser to an actual address.

How Vistors Connect to your Site

If you put this all together, you have a picture of how a website works.

  • A visitor will type your domain name into their browser.
  • The domain name server translates this domain name into the IP address of the web hosting server, where your website is stored.
  • The web hosting server then sends the website back to the visitor’s computer, where it is loaded in their browser.

Voilà, Jessica from Melbourne, Australia is now looking at your personal portfolio on her computer!

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