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Create an Unordered List

Impressive! With just five page elements, you've already created an interesting website!

Another essential HTML element is the unordered list. Items in an unordered list are referred to as list items. Each item is bulleted, not numbered. For example:

  • A list item
  • A second list item
  • A third list item

The HTML code for the list above:

  <li>A list item</li>
  <li>A second list item</li>
  <li>A third list item</li>

About unordered lists:

  1. ul tags create the unordered list.

  2. li tags contain each list item.

Unordered list elements can be used to organize content on a webpage in a number of ways. Below we will use one to organize our website's navigation menu, sometimes called a navbar.

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