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Site Structure

HTML Review

Congratulations! You've learned enough HTML to create a great website!

Before we move on to styling with CSS, let's review what we learned in this lesson.


  • html: stands for hypertext markup language, and is used to give a webpage structure.

  • css: stands for cascading style sheets, and is used to style HTML elements.

HTML Elements

  • h1 - h6: indicate text headings on a webpage. h1 is the largest heading; h6 is the smallest.

  • p: used for non-heading text, such as the bodies of articles or company descriptions.

    <p>Description of company here.</p>
  • a: short for anchor and used to add links to other webpages. Anchor elements typically have an href attribute:

    <a href="http://codecademy.com">Click here</a> to learn how to make a website!
  • img: used to add an image to a webpage. Image elements are self-closing and do not require a closing tag:

    <img src="https://images.com/favorite.png">
  • video: used to add videos to a webpage, and uses multiple attributes and a nested source element:

    <video width="320" height="240" controls> <source src="https://movies.io/great-clip.mp4" type="video/mp4"> </video>
  • unordered list: used to create lists on a webpage and requires li elements inside a ul:

    <ul> <li>list item</li> <li>another item</li> <li>yet another</li> </ul>
  • div: used to organize HTML elements into different groups, which can be given a class attribute:

    <div class="main"> <h2>Subheading!</h2> </div>
  • metadata tags: provide metadata about a webpage.

Web Concepts

  • parent/child elements: used to describe HTML elements that enclose or are enclosed by other elements. For example, below the ul is the parent and the li items are children:

    <ul> <li>...</li> <li>...</li> <li>...</li> </ul>

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