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Site Structure
Metadata: The Brains

The last HTML elements we will explore are involved in metadata processes. You can think of these elements as the “brains” of a webpage because they communicate vital information to the web browser, but are not visible to a webpage visitor.

  1. <!DOCTYPE html>: Tells the web browser to expect an HTML document.

  2. <html>...</html>: The root of the HTML document and parent of all other HTML elements on the webpage.

  3. <head>...</head>: Enclose other metadata about the site, such as its title.

  4. <title>...</title>: Contains the site’s title, which is one way users can find your site through a search engine, like Google.

  5. <meta charset="utf-8"/>: Tells the web browser which character set to use. In this case, the character set is “utf-8”.


Identify the html, head, title and <meta charset="utf-8"/> elements, and the !DOCTYPE declaration.

Note: In addition to the metadata elements described above, you will also notice link. We will learn about link elements in the next Unit, A Closer Look at CSS.

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