Cyclic graphs are graphs that contain at least one cycle. This means that as you traverse the graph, somewhere in the graph, it is possible to leave a node and return to that same node through the cycle.

Consider the following sequence of events for learning how to ride a bike:

  • You get on the bike
  • You begin pedaling the bike
  • You fall down
  • You get back on the bike

The cycle of getting on the bike, pedaling, and falling off will happen until you have successfully mastered riding a bicycle. There is no restraint on how many times this could take, and happens a lot when you’re learning!

Let’s create the cyclic graph above using Swift.



Create a node for the following events: “Get on Bike”, “Pedal Bike”, “Fall off Bike”,

Name these nodes getOn, pedal, and fall respectively.


Create a constant graph of type Graph with the nodes above.


Lastly, we’ll combine the nodes using addEdge(from:to:) for each pair of nodes:

  • "Get on Bike" -> "Pedal"
  • "Pedal" -> "Fall"
  • "Fall" -> "Get on Bike"

Print the graph using the printGraph() function.

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