LinkedIn has a user base of hundreds of millions of workers, making it one of the best tools for recruiters to source candidates for roles they are hoping to fill. By adding keywords to your profile that describe your skills, you can increase the odds that your profile will appear the next time a recruiter does a search.

Here’s how to cover the basics:

  1. Add your location. Be specific to the distance you are willing to commute or move. Recruiters are typically looking to fill a role in a particular location, and candidates are most likely to be interested when a new opportunity matches their existing region.
  2. Add your core skills. These are the keywords that describe the core competency of the role the recruiter is trying to fill. Not sure of what describes you? Find a job posting that describes what you currently do and identify the primary qualifications.
  3. Add a summary. Write one to two paragraphs that clearly and concisely describes your experience and why a prospective recruiter might find you to be valuable in an open role.
  4. Include key accomplishments in your experience sections. If you’re only including your job title and employer name, your profile has room for improvement. The accomplishments section of each job experience is an opportunity for you to disclose the detailed impact that you made and specific technologies you’ve used.
  5. Get endorsed. Reach out to your current and former colleagues to get their endorsement of your skill set — this signals to recruiters that you’re not just making it up. Endorsements show the people who are willing to put their name behind your abilities.

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