Hi there! This lesson won’t be about coding. Some of us here at the Codecademy headquarters got to talking, and we realized there are lots of useful practical skills we never learned in school. This lesson was born out of those conversations. We hope this lesson gives you a general introduction to useful topics you can use when you first “become an adult”— or that time in our lives when we are independent and expected to make important decisions that affect our lives deeply.

We tried to curate the list of exercises with “adult moments” in mind. We define these moments as the times when some of us, during our first full-time jobs, found ourselves a little lost.

There aren’t many places with unbiased, concise advice about all of these topics. We hope to summarize these topics with a spirit of TLDR, so we won’t go too in depth with each one, but rather introduce you to a summary of the concept and provide resources. These topics are essential for navigating the world as an individual with an income that is expected to support oneself or others.

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