Introduction to Objects II
Looks For-In To Me

Objects aren't so foreign if you really think about it!

Remember you can figure out the type of a variable by using typeof myVariable;. Types we are concerned with for now are "object", "string", and "number".

Recall the for-in loop:

for(var x in obj) {

This will go through all the properties of obj one by one and assign the property name to x on each run of the loop.

Let's combine our knowledge of these two concepts.


Examine the languages object. Three properties are strings, whereas one is a number.

Use a for-in loop to print out the three ways to say hello. In the loop, you should check to see if the property value is a string so you don't accidentally print a number.

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You should use an if statement in combination with the typeof operator to figure out whether or not something is a "string". If it's a "string", then print it!

Make sure you're checking the property value (e.g., "Hello!") and not the property name (e.g., english). Recall that if we save a property name to a variable, we can access the value associated with that name using bracket notation. See here to review this.


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