Great job reaching the end of the lesson! Let’s review what we have learned about IO software:

  • The user-space is the place in memory in which user processes run and the kernel-space is the place in memory in which the kernel functions and manages system calls.
  • The user-space interacts with the kernel by sending system calls to the kernel-space.
  • Layers of the IO system that support kernel-space include: device-independent software, device drivers, interrupt handlers
  • Layers of the IO system that support user-space include: user-level IO software
  • Device drivers are device-specific code that is added to a computer so that a device may interact with a computer.
  • The interrupt handler is a pool or queue of interrupts being sent to the CPU.
  • Device-independent software refers to the software components that handle functions that are not specific to any single IO device.

Now that we have reviewed IO hardware and IO software, we can understand how both are connected and contribute to how we interact with a computer.


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