Conditionals & Control Flow
The Big If

Really great work! Here's what you've learned in this unit:


3 < 4
5 >= 5
10 == 10
12 != 13

Boolean operators

True or False 
(3 < 4) and (5 >= 5)
this() and not that()

Conditional statements

if this_might_be_true():
    print "This really is true."
elif that_might_be_true():
    print "That is true."
    print "None of the above."

Let's get to the grand finale.


Write an if statement in the_flying_circus(). It must include:

  1. if, elif, and else statements;
  2. At least one of and, or, or not;
  3. A comparator (==, !=, <, <=, >, or >=);
  4. Finally, the_flying_circus() must return True when evaluated.

Don't forget to include a : after your if statements!

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Be careful with your indentation—the_flying_circus() is a function (which we'll get to in the next unit), and as you can see from the comment, function blocks are indented the same way if, elif, and else blocks are.

Your code should look something like this:

def the_flying_circus():
    if condition:
        # Do something!
    elif condition:
        # Do something else!
        # Do yet another thing!