Get a feel for programming
Saving and using information

Welcome to computer programming! We'll be using a language called Python.

A variable is just a place to store information. Here we use one, bestNumberEver, to store a whole number so we can use it later. Then we print it out. The print statement is used to print a value to the console window, the darker area to the right.

Then we use another variable, anotherNumberILike, to store a real number and print it out.

A line that starts with a # symbol is a comment and is ignored by the computer. Using comments wisely can make your code much easier for humans to read and understand.


Run the program by pressing the Save & Submit Code button. (Don't worry about the error message at the bottom yet.) Notice the output in the console window and make sure you understand what the program does. Then, on line 12, save the number 22 into a variable called jerseyNumber. (You don't need to print it out, but you may if you like.) Press Save & Submit Code again to test your code.

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Use an equals sign, =, and be careful to put things on the correct sides of your equals sign.