Strings & Console Output

Another useful data type is the string. A string can contain letters, numbers, and symbols.

name = "Ryan"
age = "19"
food = "cheese"
  1. In the above example, we create a variable name and set it to the string value "Ryan".
  2. We also set age to "19" and food to "cheese".

Strings need to be within quotes.


Create a new variable brian and assign it the string "Hello life!".

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There is no difference between using single quotes ' and double quotes ". However, sometimes it is helpful to use one or the other. If we want to include an apostrophe in our string, it would be smart to use double quotes to create the string like "I'm a string". If we want to use quotes in the string, we might want to create the string with single quote like 'The man screamed "I love Python!" so that everyone could hear.'