Components and Advanced JSX

Use an Event Listener in a Component

Render functions often contain event listeners. Here's an example of an event listener in a render function:

render() { return ( <div onHover={myFunc}> </div> ); }

Recall that an event handler is a function that gets called in response to an event. In the above example, the event handler is myFunc().

In React, you define event handlers as methods on a component class. Like this:

class MyClass extends React.Component { myFunc() { alert('Stop it. Stop hovering.'); } render() { return ( <div onHover={this.myFunc}> </div> ); } }

Notice that the component class has two methods: .myFunc() and .render(). .myFunc() is being used as an event handler. .myFunc() will be called any time that a user hovers over the rendered <div></div>.

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