Advanced JSX

JSX Conditionals: &&

We're going to cover one final way of writing conditionals in React: the && operator.

Like the ternary operator, && is not React-specific, but it shows up in React surprisingly often.

In the last two lessons, you wrote statements that would sometimes render a kitty and other times render a doggy. && would not have been the best choice for those lessons.

&& works best in conditionals that will sometimes do an action, but other times do nothing at all.

Here's an example:

const tasty = (
    { !baby && <li>Pizza</li> }
    { age > 15 && <li>Brussels Sprouts</li> }
    { age > 20 && <li>Oysters</li> }
    { age > 25 && <li>Grappa</li> }

Every time that you see && in this example, either some code will run, or else no code will run.

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