Intro to JSX

JSX Outer Elements

There's a rule that we haven't mentioned: a JSX expression must have exactly one outermost element.

In other words, this code will work:

const paragraphs = ( <div id="i-am-the-outermost-element"> <p>I am a paragraph.</p> <p>I, too, am a paragraph.</p> </div> );

But this code will not work:

const paragraphs = ( <p>I am a paragraph.</p> <p>I, too, am a paragraph.</p> );

The first opening tag and the final closing tag of a JSX expression must belong to the same JSX element!

It's easy to forget about this rule, and end up with errors that are tough to diagnose.

If you notice that a JSX expression has multiple outer elements, the solution is usually simple: wrap the JSX expression in a <div></div>.

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