Let’s make a stateful component pass its state to a stateless component.

To make that happen, you need two component classes: a stateful class, and a stateless class.



We’ll build the stateful class first.

On line 1 of Parent.js, import the React.js library. Store the library in a variable named React.

On line 2, import the ReactDOM library. Store it in a variable named ReactDOM.

Make lines 3 and 4 empty. You’ll add code to line 3 later.

On line 5, declare a new Parent component. Parent will represent your stateful component class.

Ensure Parent extends React.Component. Add this method to your Parent component class:

render() { return <div></div>; }

Since Parent is supposed to be stateful, it will need to set its initial state. That means that it will need a constructor method.

Before the render method, give Parent a method named constructor. Give constructor one parameter named props.

Inside of constructor()‘s body, call super(props). On the next line, still inside of constructor()‘s body, declare a property named this.state set equal to { name: 'Frarthur' }.

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