How to use APIs with Ruby
You've Already Been Introduced

The good news is that if you've gotten this far (that is, to the Codecademy website), you've met HTTP before! It's that little bit before the "www" in a website's address. Some browsers might hide it from you, but Codecademy's full address is:


The HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. HyperText is text with links in it (like this!) and a transfer protocol is a fancy way of saying "rules for getting something from one place to another." In this case, the rules are for transferring web pages to your browser.


Check out the code in the editor. This is Ruby code that requests a web page! Some of it may be new to you, but we'll explain it soon. Click Save & Submit Code to see it in action!

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If this looks super intimidating, feel free to practice your skills in the Ruby track for a bit, then come back!