Evernote API
What You Need

This exercise helps you setup your development environment.

Real applications authenticate with Evernote using OAuth, but for the purpose of exploring the API, you can get a developer token that allows you to access your own Evernote account. To get a developer token, visit


Register on Sandbox

Sandbox is Evernote’s development server. You’ll need to create an account on that server for use with the sample app below. If you don’t already have a Sandbox account, you can create one here.

Get your developer token

Get a developer token for the Evernote sandbox service. Once you've built you application, you can request a developer token for the production service.
Get a sandbox developer token ».
On line 3, replace the "your developer token" text with your developer token.
On you add the developer token, hit Save & Submit Code to move to the next exercise.