We’ve written our merge sort! The whole sort takes up two functions:

merge_sort() which is called recursively breaks down an input list to smaller, more manageable pieces. merge() which is a helper function built to help combine those broken-down lists into ordered combination lists.

merge_sort() continues to break down an input list until it only has one element and then it joins that with other single element lists to create sorted 2-element lists. Then it combines 2-element sorted lists into 4-element sorted lists. It continues that way until all the items of the lists are sorted!

Only one thing left to do, test it out!



In script.py we have placed three unordered lists: unordered_list1, unordered_list2, and unordered_list3.

Sort the three of them using merge_sort() and save them into the variables ordered_list1, ordered_list2 and ordered_list3.


Print out the ordered lists! How do they look?

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