We’ve looked at DAU and Daily Revenue in Mineblocks. Now we must understand the purchasing habits of our users.

Mineblocks, like every freemium game, has two types of users:

  • purchasers: users who have bought things in the game
  • players: users who play the game but have not yet purchased

The next KPI we'll look at *Daily ARPPU* - Average Revenue Per Purchasing User. This metric shows if the average amount of money spent by purchasers is going up over time.

Daily ARPPU is defined as the sum of revenue divided by the number of purchasers per day.



To get Daily ARPPU, modify the daily revenue query from earlier to divide by the number of purchasers.

Complete the query by adding a numerator and a denominator. The numerator will display daily revenue, or sum the price columns. The denominator will display the number of purchasers by passing the distinct keyword and the user_id column name into the count function.

select date(created_at), round(/**/ / count(/**/), 2) as arppu from purchases where refunded_at is null group by 1 order by 1;

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