While every business has different metrics to track their success, most are based on revenue and usage.

The metrics in this lesson are merely a starting point, and from here you’ll be able to create and customize metrics to track whatever is most important to your company.

And remember, data science is exploratory! The current set of metrics can always be improved and there’s usually more to any spike or dip than what immediately meets the eye.

Let’s generalize what we’ve learned so far:

  • Key Performance Indicators are high level health metrics for a business.
  • Daily Revenue is the sum of money made per day.
  • Daily Active Users are the number of unique users seen each day
  • Daily Average Revenue Per Purchasing User (ARPPU) is the average amount of money spent by purchasers each day.
  • Daily Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) is the average amount of money across all users.
  • 1 Day Retention is defined as the number of players from Day N who came back to play again on Day N+1.

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