Imagine June. She wants to buy a new t-shirt for her mother, who is visiting from out of town. She reads about CoolTShirts.com in a Buzzfeed article, and clicks a link to their landing page. June finds a fabulous Ninja Turtle t-shirt and adds it to her cart. Before she can advance to the checkout page her mom calls, asking for directions. June navigates away from CoolTShirts.com to look up directions.

June’s initial visit is logged in the page_visits table as follows:

user_id timestamp page_name utm_source
10069 2018-01-02 23:14:01 1 - landing_page buzzfeed
10069 2018-01-02 23:55:01 2 - shopping_cart buzzfeed

  • June’s first touch — the first time she was exposed to CoolTShirts.com — is attributed to buzzfeed
  • June is assigned a user id of 10069
  • She visited the landing page at 23:14:01 and the shopping cart at 23:55:01



Find June’s rows in the table! Select all columns from the page_visits table, using a WHERE clause with:

  • user_id equals 10069 and
  • utm_source equals 'buzzfeed'.

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