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Build a Funnel from Multiple Tables 4

So, we’ve created a funnel for Mattresses and More’s purchase process! It looks like:

WITH funnels AS ( SELECT DISTINCT b.browse_date, b.user_id, c.user_id IS NOT NULL AS 'is_checkout', p.user_id IS NOT NULL AS 'is_purchase' FROM browse AS 'b' LEFT JOIN checkout AS 'c' ON c.user_id = b.user_id LEFT JOIN purchase AS 'p' ON p.user_id = c.user_id) SELECT COUNT(*) AS 'num_browse', SUM(is_checkout) AS 'num_checkout', SUM(is_purchase) AS 'num_purchase', 1.0 * SUM(is_checkout) / COUNT(user_id) AS 'browse_to_checkout', 1.0 * SUM(is_purchase) / SUM(is_checkout) AS 'checkout_to_purchase' FROM funnels;

The management team suspects that conversion from checkout to purchase changes as the browse_date gets closer to Christmas Day.

We can make a few edits to this code to calculate the funnel for each browse_date using GROUP BY.



Edit the code in test.sqlite so that the first column in the result is browse_date.

Then, use GROUP BY so that we calculate num_browse, num_checkout, and num_purchase for each browse_date.

Also be sure to ORDER BY browse_date.


Plug these values into a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

How has the conversion from checkout to purchase changed over time?

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