Overall conversion rates:

browse checkout purchase browse_to_checkout checkout_to_purchase
775 183 163 0.236 0.890

How conversion rates change as we get closer to Christmas:

browse_date browse checkout purchase browse_to_checkout checkout_to_purchase
2017-12-20 100 20 16 0.2 0.8
2017-12-21 150 33 28 0.22 0.84
2017-12-22 250 62 55 0.24 0.88
2017-12-23 275 68 64 0.24 0.94

Oh wow, look at the steady increase in sales (increasing checkout_to_purchase percentage) as we inch closer to Christmas Eve!



In this lesson, we learned how to build a funnel from a single table, compare funnels for A/B tests, and create a funnel from multiple tables using LEFT JOIN.

If you are still unsure of the queries, make sure to go back and copy some queries in your notes before moving on!

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