Mattresses and More users were asked to answer a five-question survey:

  1. “How likely are you to recommend Mattresses and More to a friend?”
  2. “Which Mattresses and More location do you shop at?”
  3. “How old are you?”
  4. “What is your gender?”
  5. “What is your annual household income?”

However, not every user finished the survey!

We want to build a funnel to analyze if certain questions prompted users to stop working on the survey.

We will be using a table called survey_responses with the following columns:

  • question_text - the survey question
  • user_id - the user identifier
  • response - the user answer



Start by getting a feel for the survey_responses table.

Select all columns for the first 10 records from survey_responses.


Delete your previous query.

Let’s build our first basic funnel!

Count the number of distinct user_id who answered each question_text.

You can do this by using a simple GROUP BY command.

What is the number of responses for each question?

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