We’ve finally come to the portion where you’ll write some code! Previous steps improve your odds for success because you have an outline and clear inputs for testing.

Writing code on the board is a collaborative process. Refer to your outline and explain the step you’re implementing.

The goal is to be facing the interviewer when talking through the implementation and facing the board when you’re writing the code.

Try to avoid writing code in silence or narrating at a low level like “for… i… in… range… length of the list… colon” when writing for i in range(len(input_list)):.

When you’re finished with the implementation, look it over for any mistaken syntax or logical errors.


Code the solution to the Pythagorean Triplets problem by writing it out on paper. Use your outline from the previous exercise as a guide.

Before writing each step on paper, say what you will do out loud. Better to practice by yourself than in a real interview!

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