Our next problem calculates sums within a list.

Given a list of integers, return the maximum sum possible from a contiguous sub-list. A sub-list is an uninterrupted portion of the list (up to and including the entire list).

nums = [1, -7, 2, 15, -11, 2] maximum_sub_sum(nums) # 17 # The sum of sub-list nums[2:4]

Clarifying Questions:

  • Are there constraints on time or space efficiency?
    • No! Any solution will do.
  • Are all the numbers positive?
    • No! Negative numbers can be in the input.
  • How big or small can the sub-list be?
    • From a single element to the entire list.



Write a function maximum_sub_sum() which has a single parameter: my_list.

maximum_sub_sum() should return the maximum sum of contiguous values in my_list.

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