Aspiring developers must pass a technical interview to be hired as a professional. These interviews evaluate the candidate’s ability to write code, articulate their thought process, and problem solve in a timed environment.

Technical interviews take many forms: writing code alongside an employee of the company, testing online with a third-party service, take-home challenges spanning several days, and more!

A whiteboarding technical interview requires the interviewee to plan and code the solution by hand. The candidate relies on their ability to communicate without the assistance of a text editor or web browser.

This lesson covers strategies to improve performance in a whiteboarding interview. Each exercise features a step in the interview with a video demonstration of the technique.

The steps are:

  1. Clarify the Problem
  2. Create Inputs
  3. Outline the Solution
  4. Code the Solution
  5. Test the Solution
  6. Analyze the Solution


Whiteboarding does not use a text editor, so this lesson will ask you to follow along with a pen and paper.

Grab a notebook and something to write with before moving forward!

Note: The instructor in this lesson’s videos will be using Python, but these whiteboarding tips and tricks can be applied to any other general-purpose programming language.

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