Awesome work! We have covered a lot regarding password security and how hashing a password works.

It’s extremely important to avoid storing plaintext password in a database and to hash password before storing them in order to protect users.

In this lesson we covered:

  • What a hashing algorithm is and how it can be used to protect a plaintext password.

  • What a salt is and how it’s used to further secure a hashed password.

  • How Rainbow Table attacks are used to crack password hashes.

  • How to use bcrypt in order to generate a salt and hash a plaintext password.

  • How to use bcrypt in order to compare a retrieved password with a password stored in the database.

  • How to implement bcrypt in an actual application and use it via user requests to authenticate users.

Bcrypt is an extremely useful package that does a lot of work behind the scenes for us. By applying it in your application, your users should be safe navigating the authentication process and avoid having their accounts hacked!

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