Great job! We’ve covered the basics of using express-session to implement sessions. We’ve learned:

  • How to use express-sessions in order to create our own middleware for sessions.

  • How certain properties work in the session middleware, such as resave, and saveUninitialized.

  • How to configure cookies in the middleware, along with specific properties that help with session security.

  • How to store a session in memory

  • How to incorporate sessions into an authentication process.

  • How to access and modify session after user is authenticated

If you’d like to experiment more with sessions, we’ve provided you with the simple application from the last few exercises so you can handle authentication and/or create new properties within a session object.

To run the application with its full effect, we recommend coding and testing it in your local Node environment. We’re attaching a zipped file of the project here.

For further information refer to the main express-session documentation.

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