What if you aren’t sure which chart type is best for your data? After all, different types of graphs can bring out different aspects of the data. Conveniently, Excel provides a quick and easy way to preview various types of charts with its Recommended Charts functionality!

Note: Just because Excel recommends or doesn’t recommend a chart doesn’t mean that chart should or shouldn’t be used. Make sure to use your own discretion to see what works well for your specific case!

We’ve placed a slideshow in the learning environment illustrating how to view recommended charts and demonstrating that some recommended charts are not very useful!


Question: How do you pick a chart from recommended charts?

Our Answer
When deciding which chart type to use for your data, one thing to consider is the kind of data you are visualizing. For example, to compare sizes of categories you might want a column chart, while to look at trends over time you might want a line chart. In general, you want a chart that isn't too cluttered and clearly communicates key properties of the dataset. Think about the story each chart tells, and whether someone looking at the chart would be able to understand it.

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