Functions, Part I
Array Functions I

Arrays are a very common thing to use in programming. In fact, array() is actually a function! Good job, you have already used an array function.

Aside from the array() function itself, array_push() is arguably the most common and useful function for manipulating arrays.

array_push() takes two arguments: an array, and an element to add to the end of that array. Here's an example:

$fav_bands = array();
array_push($fav_bands, "Maroon 5");
array_push($fav_bands, "Bruno Mars");
array_push($fav_bands, "Nickelback");
array_push($fav_bands, "Katy Perry");
array_push($fav_bands, "Macklemore");

Another cool array function is count(). Passing an array to count() will return the number of elements in that array. Like this:

print count($fav_bands); // prints 5

Use the editor to create an array and use array_push() to add at least 5 elements to it. Once all your elements are added, print out the number of elements in your array.

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