Functions, Part I
Array Functions II

Another common thing to do with arrays is sort them. Handily enough, PHP has a sort() function for just such an occasion!

$array = array(5, 3, 7, 1);
print join(", ", $array);
// prints "1, 3, 5, 7"

PHP also has the opposite function: rsort().

$array = array(5, 3, 7 ,1);
print join(":", $array);
// prints "7:5:3:1"

Lastly, we use join(glue, array) so we can easily print out the representations of our sorted arrays in this exercise.

For this exercise, we'll use a comma (,) as the glue.

  1. On line 6, use array() to create an array with several elements and store it in $the_array.
  2. Next, sort() the array.
  3. Then, print out join("," $the_array).
  4. On line 12, rsort() the array.
  5. Finally, join() and print the reverse-sorted array to the screen.
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Use join() like in the examples to print your array elements to the screen easily.

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