Access by Offset with [ ]

Each item in an array is numbered starting from 0. For example, when we create an array:

$myArray = array("do", "re", "mi");

Each item is numbered starting from 0, like this:

| "do" | "re" | "mi" |
   0      1      2      

The item "do" is in position 0, the item "re" is in position 1, and so on.

Therefore, we can access a particular item of the array using its position, like this:

$myArray = array("do", "re", "mi");

echo $myArray[0]
// outputs "do"
  1. First we create an array named $myArray
  2. Then we use echo to output the first item in $myArray. Since items are numbered starting from 0, "do" is at position 0.

In line 8, there's an array named $tens. Use echo to output the third item in $tens. Remember that items are numbered starting from 0.

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Since items in an array are numbered starting from 0, the third item is at position 2, like this:

echo $tens[2];

You can use echo and print interchangeably.

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