HTML Basics
Paragraphs and headings

We're definitely making good progress! We've learned when and why we use HTML. We've also learned how to:

a. Set up an HTML file with tags
b. Title the webpage (in the <head>)
c. Create paragraphs (in the <body> with <p> tags)

The next step is to give our paragraphs headings using heading tags. Let's start with the <h1> tag. The content between this tag will be the biggest!

  1. In the body section, create a heading. To do this, create an <h1> tag.
  2. Add content.
  3. Close the element with a closing tag </h1>. (Your content should now be between <h1> and </h1>.)
  4. Underneath the heading tags, create two paragraphs using <p> tags with whatever content you like.
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