HTML Basics
Mid-lesson breather

You've done an awesome job! Here's a quick summary of things we've learned:

  1. HTML is used to give websites structure.
  2. We open HTML files using a browser, and the browser renders (shows us) the file.
  3. HTML files have a <head> and a <body> (just like you!)
  4. In the head, we have the <title> tags, and we use these to specify the webpage's name.
  5. How to make headings and paragraphs.
  1. Add a title between the <title> tags.
  2. Create a <h3> sized heading in the body. Make your heading say anything you want! (Just don't forget to close it.)
  3. Create three paragraphs using <p> tags and fill them with content (e.g. about cars, your pet, favorite city to travel—whatever you like!)
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