HTML Basics
You're going places!

What if you wanted to send the user to another part of your website, or another website altogether? You use hyperlinks, or links for short!

<a href="http://www.codecademy.com">My Favorite Site!</a>
  1. First, there's an opening <a> tag and that tag has an attribute called href. The href value tells your link where you want it to go, in this case http://www.codecademy.com.
  2. Then you have a description of your link between your opening <a> and your closing </a> tags. This is what you will be able to click on.
  3. Finally, you have your closing </a> tag.
  1. In the body section, create a link. To do this, create an <a> tag. Point your link to a website by setting the value of the href attribute
  2. Add a description of your link
  3. Close the element with a closing tag </a>
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