CSS: An Overview
Why separate form from function?

Great work! Look at you. You're already writing CSS.

There are two main reasons for separating your form/formatting (CSS) from your functional content/structure (HTML):

  1. You can apply the same formatting to several HTML elements without rewriting code (e.g. style="color:red":) over and over
  2. You can apply similar appearance and formatting to several HTML pages from a single CSS file

Look at the HTML in index.html. That's a lot of <span></span> tags! All those words are in regular font, but we want them to be super fancy.


Go to the stylesheet.css tab and tell the span selector that you want the font-family to be cursive. Check the Hint if you need help!

Stuck? Get a hint! Hint
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Let's see... making something red meant we had to type

span {
    color: red;

So if we put in

font-family: cursive;

that should fancify our font!

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