CSS: An Overview
Syntax for the wintax

CSS syntax is different from the HTML you're used to, but don't worry: it's easy to pick up! The general format looks like this:

selector {
    property: value;

A selector can be any HTML element, such as <p>, <img>, or <table>. You just take off the <>s! To make a paragraph's text red with CSS, you'd type:

p {
    color: red;

A property is an aspect of a selector. For instance, you can change the font-family, color, and font-size of the text on your web pages (in addition to many more).

A value is a possible setting for a property. color can be red, blue, black, or almost any color; font-family can be a whole bunch of different fonts; and so on.

You need to end each property-value with a semi-colon (;). That's how CSS knows you're done with one pair and ready for the next.


Okay! Time for you to write some CSS all on your own.

In the stylesheet.css tab, make the font color of the p selector green. (Check the Hint if you need help.)

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