CSS: An Overview

You've got the main ideas—now it's time to dive into the nitty-gritty.

You've noticed that when we've asked you to set color properties using CSS, we've been having you type things like color:red. You may have asked yourself: what if I want maroon? Or fire engine red? Or more of a red-orange? Does CSS know all those words?

The answer is no. It can, however, understand millions of colors in the form of hexadecimal values.

You're already extremely familiar with decimal values: it's everyday counting! You know when you see a number (e.g. 1,432) that each digit can only be the ten values 0 through 9. Because there are only ten possibilities, we say that regular counting is base-10.

Hexadecimal counting is base-16. Each digit can be the numbers 0 through 9 or the letters a through f! Crazy, right? Check it out:


We've set the headers in the editor to different hexadecimal values, which you can see on the CSS tab. Click over to the Result tab to see the wide range of colors!

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