CSS: An Overview
A font of knowledge

We've also asked you to change the font-family of certain elements using CSS. You've seen us use the fonts Verdana, Courier, and Garamond. But how many fonts does CSS know?

The answer is: it depends. Most computers will understand popular fonts like Verdana, Courier, and Garamond, but each individual computer has different fonts installed on it. The good news is that CSS has some built-in defaults meant to ensure your users see what you intend. They are:

serif: A font with little decorative bits on the ends of the strokes that make up letters. Do a search on "serif" to see what we mean.

sans-serif: A plain-looking font, like this one. It doesn't have the little doohickies on the ends of letters like a serif font does.

cursive: A scripty font! It looks like cursive writing.

We'll show you how to import your own fonts in a later course! This will help make sure the person viewing your page has all the fonts you want them to have.


Set the font-family of the <h1> header to serif, the <h2> to sans-serif, and the <h3> to cursive.

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