CSS: An Overview
Size and borders

Excellent! Your page is a little bland, though. Let's add a picture with a border.

  1. Add an <img> to your HTML document. Its src attribute can point anywhere! (Check the Hint if you're stuck or need a picture.)
  2. On the CSS tab, set your image's height to 100px and width to 300px.
  3. On the CSS tab, give your image a border of 1px solid #4682b4.
Stuck? Get a hint! Hint
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Remember, your <img> tag needs a src, like so:

<img src="website address"/>

Can't find an image you like? Try this one: "http://bit.ly/NnVbxt"

If you're using Firefox, you can't skip adding a URL to src="". If you do, you'll get an img that's only 16px high!

Try resetting your zoom by pressing Ctrl+0 or Cmd-0.

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