Objects in PHP

Well done, mission accomplished. :-)

In this course you've learnt the basics of object-oriented programming, or OOP for short:

  • You know what a class is.

  • You know what an object is.

  • You know that you create objects using classes, as you simply create an instance of a class to create a new object.

  • You know how to create classes and objects.

  • You know how to add properties to a class.

  • You know how to add methods to a class.

  • You know how to use the __construct() method and the new keyword.

  • You know the arrow notation.

Actually you know quite a lot. :-)

The next course even dives deeper in OOP and you'll learn some nice concepts like inheritance or what constants are.
If you want to, you may have a look at the hint. :-)


echo the following sentence: "Now I know the basics of OOP!".

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Okay, as you've completed the hard parts, here is the solution (the whole PHP code) as a freebie:

  echo "Now I know the basics of OOP!";

I hope you enjoyed this course. :-)
And I hope, you've learnt a lot and I hope you understood everything. :-)

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