Objects in PHP
A Method to the Madness

Great work, now the hardest and longest part is behind us. :-)

As you've seen, methods—functions bundled into objects—have the following syntax:

public function funcname($optionalParameter) {
  // Do something

And now we know the __construct function is a special one, which is called when a new object is created using a new keyword.
Furthermore, we've learnt we have to use the $this keyword, if we want to access some properties in a class.

So if we want a method to return a sentence containing the firstname, we would have to use $this->firstname. (As you see, there is no $ when you access a property in a class.)

Calling a method is similar to accessing a property, you just have to add the parentheses:

$obj1 -> meth1();
  1. Add a method called greet() to your class. This method ought to return "Hello, my name is " . $this->firstname . " " . $this->lastname . ". Nice to meet you! :-)" .
  2. Call this new greet() method on $teacher and $student and echo the result to the page.
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The last step of the reconstruction should look like the following:

class Classname {
  public $prop1 = true;
  public $prop2;
  public $prop3;
  public $prop4;
  public  function __construct($prop2, $prop3, $prop4) {
    $this->prop2 = $prop2;
    $this->prop3 = $prop3;
    $this->prop4 = $prop4;
  public function meth1() {
  return "A long sentence containing some properties.";
  $obj1 = new Classname("tired", "54321", 54321);
  $obj2 = new Classname("your", "name", 99);
  echo $obj1->meth1();
  echo $obj2->meth1();

That's it. :-)

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