Head of the table

Here's the table we made earlier. It's okay, but it just looks like we have a list of famous Hollywood people (monsters?) and their birth years. To make our table look a little more like a table, we'll use the <thead> and <tbody> tags. These go within the <table> tag and stand for table head and table body, respectively.

The <head> HTML tag contains information about a web page (e.g. its title) and the <body> tag contains the contents of the web page. In the same way, the <thead> tag can be thought of as containing information about a table and the <tbody> tag containing the actual tabular data.


Since everything we currently have is just tabular data, put everything we have in our table so far between a set of <tbody></tbody> tags. We'll add the table head next!

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The original <tr>s should be within <tbody> now. <tbody> should be within <table>.

You won't notice a visual difference between this markup and the last one.

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