Modifying HTML Elements
Creating HTML Elements

Dynamically adding elements to our HTML page is a powerful tool—it lets us modify not only the formatting, but the actual structure of our websites in response to a user's actions. For example, when you get a Gchat, each message is actually a new <div> being dynamically added to the page. Cool, right?

If you think about it, we've sort of done this already: all we're doing is setting a variable equal to a jQuery object. In this case, however, instead of just having something like:

$p = $('p');

We'll want to pass in an entire HTML element in quotes:

$p = $("<p>I'm a new paragraph!</p>");

When we put text in quotes like this, we call it a string (as in a "string of characters"). From now on, when we say "string," you can think "text" or "phrase." Strings are always in single or double quotes.


In script.js, create a variable, $h1, and set it equal to a jQuery object containing an <h1> tag with the text "Hello". The tag should be a string.

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