HTML Basics II
Making comments

We have covered a lot about lists. Let's change gears and do some styling. If you recall, HTML is the skeleton of the webpage, and CSS lets you give the skeleton some skin and makeup.

But it is possible to do some inline CSS. This simply means we can do some styling in our HTML file without worrying about a separate CSS file! We'll learn this first because it will make learning CSS a lot easier later.

Before we dive into fonts, it's important to learn about making comments. You can include little notes in your HTML code that the browser won't display. But it will be in the code to help you remember why you did certain things.

  1. Comments start with <!-- and end with --> like this:

    <!-- This is an example of a comment! -->

  2. Make the text on line 1 into a comment. Leave the text on line 3 alone!

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